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CELT is offering a new faculty development program! We are pleased to share that in January 2023, we will be launching a new immersive faculty development program called the Advanced CELT Scholars for Authentic and Engaged Learning.

Program Description:

Authentic and engaged learning opportunities enable students to apply knowledge to real-world problems- both in and out of the classroom. There is a vast fund of knowledge that supports the efficacy of authentic and engaged learning.

For some disciplines, hands-on learning comes with clinical or lab components, but what about disciplines that don’t? How do faculty create applied learning activities?

In this new program, we will dive into a variety of approaches that faculty can integrate into their curricular design and pedagogy. Over the course of this program, we will consider experiential learning, problem-based learning, the importance of reflective practice, and ways to integrate global educational components and sustainability into any course, in keeping with the Tufts Mission.

Eligibility Criteria: In order to apply for the Advanced CELT Scholars program, faculty must have completed any of the following CELT programs within the past years:

  1. CELT Faculty Fellows
  2. Equity and Inclusion Fellows
  3. Transformational Teaching and Learning Faculty Learning Community

Program Structure:

This course will meet monthly from January- November 2023. The meetings will occur on the third Friday of each month from 1-4 pm. Meeting dates are: 1/20/23, 2/17/23, 3/17/23, 4/21/23, 5/19/23, 6/16/23, 7/21/23, 8/18/23, 9/15/23, 10/20/23, and 11/17/23.

Meetings will be three hours. This program will be offered in a hybrid format. Three meetings during the year will be held in person and the remaining meetings will occur via zoom. Similar to other CELT intensive programs, faculty are expected to attend monthly meetings in order to build a cohesive community of scholars.

Required Work:

    1. Faculty will be assigned readings to complete each month and will be asked to keep an ongoing teaching reflection journal and make weekly entries with guided prompts.
    2. Faculty will be expected to build into one of their courses regular reflective exercises for their students.
    3. Faculty will leave this program having re-designed at least one module on their syllabus that incorporates a new authentic learning activity.
    4. Each participant will be expected to facilitate an interactive learning activity for the group during a monthly meeting.

The submission deadline for this program will be November 30th, 2022.

Please use this link to submit your application:

  • If you have concerns or questions about this program or your eligibility, please do not hesitate to reach out to Dana Grossman Leeman at