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Tufts' dual mission as a university is teaching and scholarship. At Tufts, we pride ourselves on valuing both. Even as we advance our research and scholarship, we strive for excellence in teaching and renew ourselves as educators in light of new research about the process of learning, rapid developments in the fields we teach, changing demographics of our students, and new technology.

Tufts University's Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT), a division of the Office of the Provost, is a central resource for schools on all four Tufts campuses. CELT reports to the Office of the Provost and the University-wide Committee on Teaching and Faculty Development (UCTFD), whose role is to assist the Provost in affirming excellent teaching as a priority at Tufts. We strive to promote teaching innovation and support teaching-related initiatives, while collaborating and coordinating faculty development initiatives between campuses. The Center's three main goals are to:

  • Create communities of practice to engage faculty in on-going professional development.
  • Provide a wide variety of learning opportunities in traditional and cutting edge developments in teaching, learning, and assessment.
  • Promote teaching scholarship through evidence based practice.
CELT Staff

The CELT Team

MISSION STATEMENT: CELT supports faculty as they pursue their professional development.

VISION STATEMENT: CELT collaborates with faculty to discover the best available evidence about learning and apply it to their teaching. CELT guides faculty in their on-going development as critical, reflective and innovative teachers and academic leaders by promoting and espousing teaching scholarship leading to effective student learning.