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CELTs Course Design Institute Summer 2023, August 7th - 10th, 2023, 9am-4pm will be in person on the medford campus*

Join a community of innovative instructors to rethink your course design through an inclusive, learner-centered framework. Choose teaching methods and discover equitable assessments, grounded in the learning sciences, that recognizes the instructor and learners as unique whole human beings. This year’s CDI participants will receive a copy of the text Learning that matters: A field guide to course design for transformative education (2021).

In this four day institute you will

  1. Develop inclusive, learner-centered course outcomes to guide the design of the course.
  2. Identify teaching methods, learning activities, and assessments, grounded in the research, that equitably support learners in achieving course outcomes.
  3. Create an inclusive and welcoming syllabus for your course.


  • Day 1: Who am I? Who are my learners?
  • Day 2: Backward course design & alignment
  • Day 3: Inclusive teaching methods and assessment
  • Day 4: Pulling it all together, an inclusive course syllabus

* If being in-person precludes you from participating, we will provide a zoom link which you can use to join the in person sessions, all materials will be shared online via Canvas. While we will do our best to be inclusive we cannot promise equivalent experiences for those joining remotely.



Canvas Course Design Tutorial for Online Teaching

This Canvas course will introduce you to ideas and skills for adapting an existing traditional face-to-face course into an inclusive, student-centered online course. This asynchronous and unmoderated course is designed to model design features and tools you may wish to include in your own course.  It will also provide you with the opportunity to experience the perspective of being a student in an online course.  Anyone at Tufts can view the course within Canvas and enroll themselves.

Face-to-Face Course Design Institute

The Course Design Institute (CDI) offers:

  • A focused format for accomplishing course design.
  • The tools, the time, and the collegial support to dig in and design or redesign a course.
  • The chance to interact with a diverse group of colleagues from across Tufts, allowing faculty to share their ideas about teaching and gather new ideas from their peers.
  • A full set of course design materials that can be used to (re)design  courses during and after the Institute.

We recommend that, if possible, participants develop or revise a course that will be delivered the following semester. While it is possible to work on revising a course to be offered immediately, a complete syllabus is not generally developed by the end of the Institute.

Past participants have said:

"It will change the way I design courses. My course design has usually been driven by readings I plan to assign and topics I feel I ought to cover. Thinking in terms of overriding goals and objectives has been very helpful."

"I will also change the way I do assessment. I had thought of assessment strictly in terms of providing a grade. Now I am thinking of non-graded assessment that give me a better sense of what students have learned and what they are struggling with."

"[This workshop was strong because of it's] excellent materials and activities. Very fine presentation of content. Excellent teachers! Also, the really great group of people from many departments- a thrill to meet and work together!"

For more information, contact

For a participant perspective on the program, contact any of the past CDI participants.

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