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In order to be accessible to all Tufts instructors who may or may not be able to participate at a given point in time in our events and programs, CELT has created and curated numerous online resources to support you. Please reach out if you have questions about the content, context, or implementation regarding any of these – we’d be glad to discuss more deeply.

Artificial Intelligence Resources for Tufts Faculty and Staff

As Artificial Intelligence tools evolve and become more widely accessible, their use in higher education for learning is a topic of much discussion. This CELT web page introduces some of the questions we consider important to guide administrator and faculty discussions as we navigate instruction and policies related to the use of AI.

CELT Course Design Tutorial 

This tutorial is an asynchronous, Canvas-based experience that guides you through the process of designing a new course or revising an existing course with a lens of inclusive, learner-centered teaching. As a Tufts instructor, you can access it with your login credentials.

Inclusive and Equitable Teaching

This CELT resource provides recommendations and curated learning resources to guide you in creating an inclusive and equitable student classroom experience. The guide is designed to be read in order, but you can start at any place that is useful for your needs.

Improving Teaching with Feedback & Evaluation

Feedback from sources in addition to end of semester student evaluations, such as peer feedback and self-reflection, can provide a more holistic view of where your instructional strengths lie and help you determine where you might strengthen your teaching. This page lists CELT programs to support you as well as articles that can guide you in expanding feedback sources on your teaching.

Listening to Students’ Disciplinary Thinking

Supported for several years by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Inclusive Excellence initiative, the Listening Project at Tufts offered Tufts STEM instructors opportunities to connect across disciplines and work to understand—more than evaluate—their students’ disciplinary thinking, as evidenced in students’ written work and audio and video recordings from Tufts classes. On this site you can try “listening”, on your own, to the provided examples of student thinking from other disciplines. There’s also a calendar listing upcoming opportunities to listen live, with colleagues, in pop-up style sessions hosted by Listening Project alumni.

Mental Health Resources

CELT and members of the Mental Health Task Force developed this resource to support you in both building courses that support well-being and, when necessary, responding sensitively and compassionately to student distress, mental health concerns and crises that affect our campus and our students.

National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD)

Tufts is a member of this national organization that supports faculty through webinars, programs and resources focused on mentoring, writing, increased research productivity, finding work-life balance, and more.

Teaching@Tufts website 

This website is a collaboration between CELT and ETS, and features timely and helpful information and resources to both promote teaching innovation and provide direction for solving your teaching challenges. [The content is regularly updated with blog posts, articles featuring teaching innovations by Tufts faculty, and content related to course design, assessment, evaluation, and effective teaching.

  • Faculty Blog – advice from peer faculty at Tufts, and teaching & learning specialists on a variety of timely topics
  • Course Design – in-depth information to get you started designing and evaluating your course
  • Teaching – a multitude of resources to support your instructional methods and learning activities for your students
  • Assessment – support for you to generate effective assessments which enhance student learning
  • Evaluation – strategies to improve your course design and collect evidence for career advancement
  • New Faculty – key resources and guides for new faculty at Tufts, introducing you to people, practices, and places