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At Tufts, decisions regarding the awarding of credit for courses taken at another institution are made by representatives within each academic department. For undergraduates who are transferring to Tufts, transfer of credit is granted by the faculty only after matriculation at Tufts. Typically, courses similar to those offered at Tufts will receive transfer credit.

The Office of Undergraduate Student Services (USS) maintains information on policies and procedures for the transfer of credit from other institutions. As of July 1, 2012, the policies affecting transfer credit eligibility were as follows (please check the USS website for the most up-to-date information):

  1. After matriculation into Tufts, only courses taken at an accredited, four-year college or university will be accepted for transfer. Engineering students may transfer courses only from institutions with accredited engineering programs in those disciplines.
  2.  Liberal Arts students may transfer a total of 17 credits to their Tufts degree; Engineering students may transfer a total of 19.
  3. Where semester hours are used, one 3- or 4-semester-hour course equals one Tufts credit and one 2-semester hour course equals one-half Tufts credit. One 1–semester hour course will not transfer into Tufts. Where quarter hours are used, one Tufts credit equals 5.25 quarter hours.
  4. You must earn at least three Tufts credits to count a semester away as one of the eight semesters of full-time study needed for graduation.
  5. No more than three credits earned in one summer, or a total of five credits from summer schools other than Tufts, may be transferred. They may not be used toward the eight-semester requirement.
  6. No on-line, correspondence, or distance-learning courses will be transferred for Tufts credit. No internships will be transferred for Tufts credit. No performance courses in dance or music will be transferred for Tufts credit.
  7. Transfer credit toward the Tufts degree from a study abroad program or foreign university will be accepted only from students in good academic and disciplinary standing at the time of the enrollment in the foreign program.
  8. Courses taken at two-year colleges (community colleges) BEFORE a student matriculates into Tufts are acceptable for transfer.
  9. Transfer of Credit Representatives determine the acceptability of the course content; the Registrar’s office determines the amount of credit the student will receive. Some departments have additional requirements that must be met before transfer of credit is awarded.  Students can use the SIS student portal to find out more information about transfer of credit.