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It is Tufts University’s policy to respect copyrights and to duplicate or reproduce copyrighted materials only as allowed by law or by special agreement.

Members of the Tufts University community who use copyrighted materials without permission, in connection with their work for Tufts or through use of university resources (including unauthorized downloading or sharing of music, video or software files), are subject to disciplinary action, among other possible penalties. If the university is notified by a copyright owner, publisher, distributor, or law enforcement agency of possible infringement, the university may direct an investigation, require the violator(s) to correct any infringement, and impose disciplinary action on the responsible parties.

More information about Tufts’ policies regarding copyright infringement, fair use, and digital file sharing can be found on the Finance Division’s website, the Library’s Scholarly Communications website, The Office for Technology Licensing and Industry Collaboration’s website, and on the University Information Technology website, among many other places.  Tufts’ policy on the responsible use of computers and other technology can be found here.