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For more than 20 years, Tufts has administered a survey to students at the time of graduation. Over 95% of students usually respond. The University uses the information to continuously strengthen the undergraduate experience and to find out what plans students have for the future.

In Spring of 2018, 97.1% of Tufts graduating seniors responded to the senior survey. Below are some results from the 2018 Senior Survey.

Overall Satisfaction

On the 2018 senior survey, students were asked “Overall, how satisfied are you with your undergraduate education?” Eighty-two percent reported that they were very or generally satisfied.

Very satisfied 24.4%
Generally satisfied 58.0%
Ambivalent 13.0%
Generally dissatisfied 3.4%
Very dissatisfied 1.3%

Skills & Abilities

Members of the Class of 2018 reported that a Tufts education helped enhance a wide range of skills and abilities that will be important long after they have left Tufts.

To what extent has your experience at Tufts contributed to your knowledge, skills, and personal development in the following areas?

Quite a
Some Very little
or none
Communicating well orally 36.5% 37.8% 21.0% 4.7%
Creating original ideas and solutions 35.8% 37.3% 22.5% 4.4%
Developing global awareness 32.0% 37.6% 23.6% 6.7%
Functioning effectively as a member of a team 40.7% 36.2% 19.4% 3.7%
Judging the merits of arguments based on their sources, methods and reasoning 37.3% 41.1% 17.9% 3.7%
Leadership skills 41.0% 32.3% 20.6% 6.1%
Identifying moral and ethical issues 41.0% 38.8% 16.5% 3.6%
Relating well to people of different races, nations, and religions 34.4% 38.5% 19.6% 7.4%
Thinking critically 54.6% 32.8% 11.2% 1.4%
Acquiring broad knowledge across a number of fields 30.8% 41.8% 22.5% 5.0%
Understanding the complexity of social problems 46.3% 36.8% 13.7% 3.2%
Writing clearly and effectively 35.8% 37.5% 22.0% 4.7%

Fall Plans

Students were asked what they expected to be doing in the fall following graduation. At the point of taking the survey, 57.6% of job-seeking students had secured employment. Over sixteen percent of the class had received one or more acceptances to graduate or professional school.

Please note, the Career Center maintains the most up-to-date list of recent graduates’ destinations.

Tell us what you expect to be doing THIS FALL. You need not be certain. Just tell us your preferred plan, marking all that apply.

Working for pay full-time 71.2%
Working for pay part-time 13.7%
Attending graduate or professional school full-time 18.6%
Attending graduate or professional school part-time 2.6%
Enrolled in some other educational program (such as a post-baccalaureate program 3.5%
Traveling or just taking time for yourself 13.3%
Starting your own company or organization 2.7%
Family or other caregiving 2.2%
Undecided 12.4%

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