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Course Design Institute

The Course Design Institute will take place June 8th-11th. Entries are now closed. » read

Check out the CELT Lending Library!

CELT offers a comprehensive collection of teaching and learning books. Tufts faculty are welcome and encouraged to borrow books from our library . Please visit us at 108 Bromfield Rd. or email CELT@tufts.edu for more information.

Upcoming Events at CELT - Spring 2015

Teaching for Inclusive Excellence Symposium

Date: Thursday, May 21st, 2015
Time: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Location: Medford Campus
Guest Facilitator: Emmett G. Smith III, PhD, Professor of Music at Northeastern University
RSVP to celt@tufts.edu by May 15th.

Making the Choices: Decisions the Lead to Inclusive Excellence
Developing an environment of inclusive excellence is the result of a series of decisions that educators are challenged to make on a daily basis. Each day we prepare to enter the classroom, we are faced with a number of choices, many of which are beyond the curricula. However, the decisions made from these choices can create a classroom experience where inclusivity is a clear value, and effective student learning for all is a goal, or not. This session will focus on some of these choices with the goal of sharing case studies and best practices that will create a fertile environment for both teaching and learning through increasing student engagement, making space for faculty vulnerability and developing insightful cultural competency. Come be inspired, encouraged, and challenged to greater success in teaching for inclusive excellence.

Applying Science of Learning in Education

Check out Applying Science of Learning in Education, a free e-book published through the American Psychological Associations’ Division 2. Written for nonexperts in teaching and learning, this book focuses on the scholarship of the science of learning and its application in higher educational settings. Although targeted on learning in college and university settings, teachers of all academic levels may find the recommendations of service.

Journal on Excellence in College Teaching

 Tufts Campus Only: Click here for access to the Journal on Excellence in College Teaching

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