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The Mentoring Squares Program, sponsored by the Office for the Vice Provost for Faculty (OVPF) and the Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT), is designed to build a mentoring structure and system of support specifically for non-tenure-track faculty (both part-time and full-time).  

Program Goals

  1. Create a greater sense of community among non-tenure-track faculty
  2. Establish a hub for non-tenure-track faculty to discuss ideas and share resources about their career development
  3. Create an informal peer mentoring network for non-tenure-track faculty

How it Works

In this pilot program, individuals will be placed in groups of four faculty members, referred to as a mentoring square. These mentoring squares will build from the collective knowledge and wisdom of individuals in the square to create a supportive, peer-based mentoring structure of faculty. These squares will be organized by program leadership based on shared individual goals (e.g. exploring leadership opportunities, pedagogical support, learning the institution etc.), breadth of experiences of group members, school and disciplinary considerations, and schedule availability.  

Time Commitment and Logistics

Mentoring squares will meet every two weeks for 45 minutes to solicit feedback, discuss challenges and successes, and offer support for one another. Each square will be given a small budget to use on refreshments for their in-person meetings. In addition to meeting as a square, there will be four meetings throughout the year (two per semester) for all participants in the program. These meetings will be used to discuss broader mentoring and career related support for participants in the program.