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An infographic that illustrates the core functions of the Office of Knowledge Strategy and Operations: "Knowledge Delivery and Growth," "Data Access and Operational Analysis," and "Integrated Workflow Solutions."

About Us

What is Knowledge Strategy & Operations?

Knowledge strategy refers to how organizations use knowledge in its many forms to bridge gaps, inform decisions, and to help them reach their goals.

Knowledge Strategy & Operations at Tufts

The Knowledge Strategy & Operations (KSO) team serves as strategic knowledge partners to the Office of the Provost, developing and expanding leadership capacity, mining and leveraging data to deliver comprehensive understanding, and implementing meaningful technology and workflow solutions.

The KSO team uses an array of knowledge inputs – including subject-matter expert consultations, stakeholder input, learning/knowledge development and educational assets, data, information, documentation, and systems/applications – to improve internal workflows, provide understanding, and expand capacity. 

What We Do

How Can We Help?

Who We Are

Laura Lucas, Ph.D., Director of Knowledge Strategy and Operations
Laura has designed and delivered knowledge programs, processes, and tools for Cabinet Ministers, MPs, and scientific, health, engineering, and civil society innovators in over 50 countries and right here at Tufts. Her work centers on convening and equipping people to use their knowledge together to build effective, valuable solutions to complex challenges.

Philippa Lehar, Assistant Director of Knowledge, Data Operations & Design
Philippa has a background working on enterprise-wide operational standards, channeling both her project management and business analysis expertise into systems, data tools, and reports design at Tufts. Her recent focus has been on driving toward simple, intuitive data-driven workflows to best fit the needs of her colleagues across Tufts.

Olivia Dupree, Knowledge Management Specialist
Olivia is a recent Tufts graduate with a M.S. in Health Informatics and Analytics and has a background in data management. Her work focuses on monitoring of current data, monitoring of data during transitions, auditing existing data, and implementing improvements to the data model.

Jennifer Akeley, Knowledge and Development Specialist
As Knowledge & Development Specialist, Jenni will provide specialized subject-matter expertise to design, develop, implement, evaluate, and maintain online and hybrid courses and learning programs in collaboration with subject-matter experts across the Provost and Vice Provost structures.