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What is Mid-term Feedback?

CELT’s mid-term feedback program provides faculty with student feedback to allow them to make timely adjustments in courses during the semester. Through this voluntary program CELT staff visit classes and, using a research-based protocol, survey the class to elicit feedback. Below is a written description and videos to illustrate the process.

Registration is now closed for Fall 2023.

What you should know:

  • Spaces are limited, so please apply early.
  • Midterm feedback sessions take approximately thirty minutes of synchronous class time if it includes a live component (in person or remotely), but we offer non-live formats as well and will follow up with you after we receive your application to determine what will work best.

After you register for a midterm feedback session, a CELT staff member will reach out to you to arrange a meeting. In this meeting, we will explain the three midterm feedback format options in more detail and collaboratively determine the best format for you. In most cases, we will meet with you afterward to analyze the feedback results and discuss possible course adjustments.

Formats Offered:

1 – Faculty-Led Mid-Term Feedback (Survey Only) with Optional CELT Support:

In this option, faculty would conduct the midterm feedback process with optional support from CELT. Faculty are responsible for administering the survey and collecting and reviewing responses. CELT can share survey templates and meet with faculty to determine course adjustments.  See Teaching@Tufts & the CELT website for tips about designing a survey.

2 – CELT-Led Mid-Term Feedback (Survey Only):

In this option, CELT would administer most of the midterm feedback process. Midterm feedback consists of an anonymous survey that students complete individually online. CELT is responsible for designing the survey (with faculty input), collecting and analyzing results, and meeting with faculty to determine course adjustments. Faculty are responsible for sharing the survey with students. VIRTUAL FORMAT.


In this option, CELT would administer a more comprehensive midterm feedback process consisting of both an online survey that students complete individually and an in-class focus group-style discussion that can occur either remotely or in person depending on course modality. CELT will then analyze and prioritize feedback before meeting with faculty to discuss results and determine possible course adjustments. VIRTUAL or FACE-TO-FACE.

How does a Mid-term Feedback Session Work?

A CELT staff member will meet with your students for about 30 minutes with the faculty member and any TA’s out of the room.  Students will have a chance to respond to these questions individually and in small groups.

  1. What aspects of this course enhance your learning?
  2. What aspects of this course could be improved?
  3. What could you (as a student) do to make the course better for your classmates and the teacher?

CELT staff members correlate the information and produce an anonymous and confidential report for the faculty member (see sample report).  CELT staff share the report during a face-to-face or virtual meeting with the faculty member to discuss the results and brainstorm ideas for any changes.  For more see Midterm Feedback Tips for Faculty 2023

Click here to watch an example of Mid-Term Feedback in action!

Click here to a watch an example of a Mid-Term Feedback follow-up session with the professor and facilitator!

(Note: For the videos above, CELT has obtained permission from both the professor and students in all of the recordings. These videos only serve as an example of the mid-term feedback process. All Mid-Term Feedback Sessions and follow-ups conducted by the CELT center are completely confidential.)

 For questions, please email