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For upcoming roundtable discussions, workshops and webinars held over Zoom, see ‘Upcoming Events and Programs’ on our homepage.


Expand Your Tool Kit: Advanced Synchronous Engagement Techniques
Tuesday, Feb. 9th; 10-11am
Tuesday, Mar. 16th; 10-11am
Tuesday, Apr. 6th; 10-11am
Tuesday, May 4th; 10-11am

In this monthly series, we review 3-4 new activities per session where faculty use technology to engage students in active, discussion-based, or experiential learning for use during synchronous sessions. Most activities may also be used for formative assessment.

Trauma Informed Teaching
Friday, Mar. 5th; 10-11:30 am

Zoom link:

Over the past several years, college students have reported increased mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, and co-occurring substance use. For many students psychosocial distress may be the byproduct of myriad forms of interpersonal and/or communal trauma. In this workshop we define the kinds of traumas that students are likely to have encountered, review the range of symptoms and behaviors that may manifest in the classroom, and discuss psychological aid that is appropriate for the teacher/student relationship in an academic context.


Lessons Learned from Dual Modality Teaching
Monday, Jan. 25th; 10-11:15 am

Zoom link:

This purpose of this roundtable is to bring faculty together to aggregate their learnings from the first semester of dual modality teaching, to honor the unique challenges of this approach, and problem solve together and develop preferred practices.

Balancing Flexibility and Rigor in a Pandemic and Beyond
Wednesday, Jan. 27th; 10-11:15 am

Zoom link:

As the pandemic continues, instructors strive to incorporate flexibility in their courses while preserving academic rigor. In this roundtable, we will explore the concept of rigor and its relationship to inclusive, flexible teaching. Participants will discuss Universal Design for Learning and strategies for reaching all students while maintaining high course standards.

Interrogating Our (Implicit) Philosophies of Grading
Wednesday, Feb. 3rd; 10-11:15 am

Zoom link:

Our disciplinary and educational experiences have led to specific philosophical assumptions about what graded assessments (e.g., exams, tests, papers, projects, etc.) 'should' look like and how they 'should' be graded.  In this roundtable, we will step back to refocus our lens on the experience of our studentsquestioning what we decide to grade and why, and looking at the kinds of evidence we choose to privilege in search of more equitable grading philosophies.

Designing Equitable Assessments
Wednesday, Mar. 3rd; 10-11:15 am

Zoom link:

Assessments created without equity in mind risk contributing to inequity. This workshop will guide participants through some core features of equitable assessments, centering the student in the process of assessing learning. We will consider equitable assessments at a number of levels from examining which assessments to include in our course to how to design them to maximize equity for our students.

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