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Teaching and learning stories produced by CELT are now featured on the Teaching @ Tufts website.

Winter 2017

– How to Get Students to Read Your Syllabus 

– Creating Epic Finales or Limping Across the Finish Line

– Interdisciplinary Student Collaboration Yields Great Benefits

– Difficult Dialogues and Hot Moments in the Classroom

– Navigating Ethical Waters in the Classroom

Fall 2016

– What is YOUR Perspective on Teaching?

– The Ideal of the Common: The Importance of Perspective and Diversity in Students’ Intellectual Development

– How can we get students to learn more from tests?

Spring 2016

– Seven Bricks to Lay the Foundation for Productive Difficult Dialogues 

– Inclusive Assessment: Equal or Equitable?

Winter 2015

– First Impressions are Lasting Impressions: The First Day of Class

Fall 2015

– Change: It Don’t Come Easy!

Spring 2015

– Faculty Spotlight: Mary Davis

Spring 2014

– Faculty Spotlight: Linda Beardsley

Spring 2013

– Faculty Spotlight: Heather Urry

Winter 2012

– Faculty Spotlight: Susan Koegel 

Fall 2012

CELT Feature Story: Teaching Innovation at Tufts

Spring 2012

Faculty Spotlight: Donna Qualters

Spring 2011

Faculty Spotlight: Joyce Sackey

Fall 2012

Faculty Spotlight: Roger Tobin

Spring 2010

Service Learning in Engineering: A Conversation with Chris Swan

Fall 2009

Tufts Leader a Pioneer in New Program: A Conversation with Aviva Must

Spring 2009

Problem Based Learning (PBL) at Tufts: A Conversation with Ralph Aarons

Undergraduate Teaching Survey: Results from a survey of Tufts undergraduate students

Integrating Teaching and Technology: A Conversation with Melanie St. James

Fall 2008

Learning by Doing: A Conversation with Dean Lynne Pepall

Spring 2008

Tufts welcomes new Center for the Humanities

A Vision of Students Today: Focus on Digital Ethnography Project by Dr Michael Welsh

December 2007

Happy Holidays from CELT

November 2007

Faculty development and evaluation at TUSM

October 2007

New learning center now available online

August 2007

Reflecting on the first CELT Faculty Fellows Seminar

June 2007

For Steve Cohen, it’s all about the students

2008 CELT Faculty Fellows applications under review

October 2006

New center will help faculty teach to a diversity of learning styles (Courtesy of Tufts Journal)