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[Amishika Dhaurali - 2023 Cohort. Credit: Jared Charney]

Maycon Santos

"My journey through the Laidlaw program was a pivotal experience that greatly influenced my career trajectory. When I first started, I had this vision of myself as a college professor, presiding over a research lab dedicated to probing the mysteries of cognitive psychology, particularly metacognition and memory. I was deeply drawn to the academic life, with its promise of scholarly exploration.
However, life had other plans (at least for now). I received this incredible job offer from one of the world's leading software companies...

The two years I had spent working with Prof. Holly Taylor in her Spatial Navigation Lab weren't just an academic exercise; they turned out to be a real-world skill-building journey. That experience, which led to my senior thesis, equipped me with a solid foundation in research methodologies and academic writing—skills that are directly applicable to my current role.

What's more, my time in the lab gave me something priceless: options. Because of the rigorous curriculum I've built for myself, I feel well-prepared for competitive PhD programs, should I decide later to pursue that path. So, while my career may have taken an unexpected turn, I'm excited about the possibilities that lie ahead, whether in industry or academia."


Sam Brill

"I can't tell you how grateful I am for the Laidlaw Experience. Not only has it provided me with some lifelong scholar friends (and cool places to visit with friends who are now in graduate programs), but it has given me a good deal of direction on the different kinds of ways I can make meaning out of my career. Research is such an impactful way to inform strategies of how to excel. The leadership development cannot be understated. I think my social awareness has improved by leaps and bounds since starting as a Laidlaw Scholar. Not every scholar takes advantage of the opportunity to develop as a leader, and while I can't comment on anyone else specifically, I am very thankful that I listened and paid attention during those sessions because they have given me some invaluable tools both on how to network, thrive, and lead."

Mikayla Barreiro

Mikayla Barreiro

"Laidlaw is what first allowed me to pursue sustained research, and thus what made me realize how much I love it. Without the funding from Laidlaw, I would probably not be where I am today"

"I met my best friend through Laidlaw... Professionally, she impacted my career more than anything. She exposed me to an entirely new way of looking at history, and my current research is far closer to hers than what I originally pursued with Laidlaw."