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The program is open to Tufts first and second year undergraduate students, preferably in their sophomore year. Students must be able to commit to two consecutive summers while enrolled as an undergraduate. Students are not permitted to count the summer following their graduation as the second summer. Applications due by February 26th, 2024 at 9am.

Please note changes to the Laidlaw Program:
  • Six weeks of abroad experience - this could be part of Research, Leadership-in-Action (LiA), or Study Abroad periods. This may include US Territories or Native American sovereign lands. All overseas experiences will require a written report. Please see listed exceptions.
  • The LiA must be working with or for a community outside of the Scholars "comfort zone".
  • Working in a laboratory, library, or archive for the LiA component is not permitted unless the work is directly with a community in need.
  • Mentors will be funded up to $1000 per Scholar. The $1000 may be split between teams of mentors.


If accepted, all scholars are required to sign a commitment form. In order to be eligible for program funding, scholars must commit to the following:

  • Spend one summer working on a paid 6 week (210-240 hours) research project.
  • Spend one summer working on a paid 6 week (210-240 hours) Leadership in Action project.
    • Leadership-in-Action (LiA) experiences should meet the following criteria:
      • An experience in a new community and personally challenging environment
      • Collaborating with and learning from community leaders
      • On a project which creates a sustainable impact.
      • Developing and demonstrating your leadership skills, attributes, and Laidlaw values
      • Learning through at least six-weeks of service abroad:
        • Exemptions must be approved by Tufts-Laidlaw staff. They include and are not limited to the following:
          • Scholars who are from a foreign nation.
          • Scholars who have completed a study abroad experience
          • Scholars who spent their research period abroad
          • Scholars who have family or financial obligations inhibiting extended time away
          • Scholars who are unable to obtain travel documents
    • MANDATORY IN-PERSON: Attend 80 hours of leadership workshops and research presentations over the course of the program. Exact dates and locations will be shared as soon as they are determined by the Foundation.
      • 3 multi-day (2 in May, 2024 [Dates TBD], Laidlaw Scholars Conference, 2024 [Location & Dates TBD])
      • 6 two-hour sessions (Tuesdays, May 21-June 25, 2024)
      • 3 two-hour sessions (January, 2025, Dates TBD)
      • 2 Research Days (Dates TBD)
      • Laidlaw - Ethics Program (Dates TBD)
    • KEY DELIVERABLES (please see the “Timeline for Posts on the Laidlaw Scholars Network”):
      • During the first summer:
        • Submit 3 posts to the Laidlaw Network before and during the project
        • Produce a poster to present at Research Day.
        • Submit a 10 page research paper on your project to the Laidlaw Network
      • During the second summer:
        • Submit 6 posts weekly to the Laidlaw Network during the project
        • Present a 10 minute talk for Presentation Day. (This will be recorded and publicly posted.)
        • Submit 5 page reflections on your LiA and Abroad Experiences on the Laidlaw Network as described in the LiA Project Guidelines and Resources
        • Submit a post on your Leadership-in-Action experience on the Laidlaw Network. The format may be any of the following:
          • An article/blog about your experience (750 word minimum)
          • A three-to-five-minute video
          • A poster (format A1 portrait)
  • Serve as an ambassador of the program
  • Keep the central Laidlaw Program informed of career developments in future years via the Laidlaw Network website

Schedule of Mandatory Events for the 2024 Cohort

October, 2023 Applications Open
February 26th, 2024 9AM Applications Deadline
March (early), 2024 Applications Reviewed
March 14 & 15, 2024 Interviews
April 1, 2024 Scholars Announced
April 5, 2024 Scholar Information Session
April (middle), 2024 Welcome Dinner
May (middle), 2024 Retreat #1
May (middle), 2024 Summer Leadership Training
Summer TBD, 2024 Lecture Series
Summer TBD, 2024 Tisch Library Summer Scholars Event
Fall TBD, 2024 Research and LiA Presentation Day
Fall TBD, 2024 Laidlaw Scholars Conference (3-days)
January TBD, 2025 (2-Days) Retreat #2
Fall TBD, 2025 Research Day & Graduation
Photo of Miranda Yu and Emily Taketa researching primates

Miranda Yu and Emily Taketa researching primates before traveling for field research in Uganda.