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Tufts-Laidlaw Mentors are essential parts of the program and impactful on the lives and careers of our Scholars. By becoming a mentor for the Laidlaw Scholars Program, you have the unique opportunity to shape the intellectual and ethical development of tomorrow's leaders. Your guidance will be instrumental in nurturing the research acumen and leadership potential of these bright minds. As a mentor, you will not only contribute to the advancement of your field through innovative research but also leave a lasting impact on the scholars' personal and professional growth. Join us in this transformative journey to inspire and be inspired, as we foster a community of scholars committed to excellence and ethical leadership. Interested Tufts Faculty, please email to be added to the list.

A few mentor and scholar highlights from the Tufts-Laidlaw Program

The Laidlaw Program has been wonderful at accelerating the minds and careers of several of my students. I have seen my Laidlaw Scholars thrive in the program. And, it has allowed us to work on projects that otherwise might have fallen between the cracks. In addition, the leadership experiences the students are very valuable (and in some ways life-changing) to my students. ~ Prof. Intriligator

Prof. James Intriligator and Laidlaw Scholar William Liu responding to the medical PPE shortage during the start of COVID-19.

Read more about the Laidlaw Mentor Prof. Madeline Oudin and Scholar Deepti Srinivasan here

"In a word, this partnership was…"

Oudin: Rewarding.

Srinivasan: Rewarding! And so we don’t say the same thing: enriching!


I love the Laidlaw Program. The length of the program really is a good way to get to know a student and their interests really well. I have a current Master’s student who is continuing on a project that we started as a Laidlaw Scholar, three years later! Because this opportunity includes a stipend, research funding, and leadership trainings, it is also one of those unique and amazing programs that is accessible to students of all economic backgrounds. ~ Prof. Crehan