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Membership: The Modes of Research working group was chaired by Diane Souvaine, Professor of Computer Science. Detailed member information is listed below.

Guiding Questions:

  • What are the different modes of research being employed by Tufts scholars? Modes include, but are not limited to: basic, theoretical, interdisciplinary, applied, and community-based.
  • Is there sufficient support for scholars who use these research modes, as well as for those who use multiple modes? What are the most critical needs?
  • What changes are necessary to ensure that scholars are supported and reviewed comparably, independent of their mode of research?


Name Title Email Phone
Diane Souvaine (Chair) Professor of Computer Science, Engineering 7-2225
John Heine (Staff) Special Projects Administrator, HNRCA 617-556-3363
Doug Brugge Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine, Medicine/Tisch College 6-0326
Lee Edelman Professor of English, A&S 7-2046
Roger Fielding Senior Scientist and Professor, HNRCA/Friedman 6-3016
Nick Frank Professor and Chair of Clinical Sciences, Cummings 7-4500
Raymond Hyatt Associate Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine, Medicine 6-3926
Daniel Jay Professor of Molecular Physiology & Pharmacology, Medicine 6-6714
Ian Johnstone Professor of International Law, Fletcher 7-4172
Keith Maddox Associate Professor of Psychology, A&S 7-2563
Christine McWayne Professor, Child Development, A&S/Tisch College 7-0478
Mim Nelson Professor of Nutrition, Friedman/Tisch College 6-3735
Charlie Sykes Associate Professor of Chemistry, A&S 7-3773
Shawyoun Shaidani Student
Graduate student