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Membership: The Lifelong Learning and Alumni Engagement working group was co-chaired by Tim Brooks, Executive Director of Alumni Relations and Paul Stanzler, a Tufts parent volunteer. Detailed member information is listed below.

Guiding Questions:

  • What does Tufts do to stay connected to alumni and is that sufficient to create the feeling amongst current students, and alums alike, that they are lifelong members of the Jumbo community?
  • What does Tufts do to help alumni continue to be lifelong learners?
  • How might Tufts increase its engagement with alumni over their lives, and how might it better enable lifelong learning? Please consider examples from other universities.
  • What should we stop doing, or start doing very differently, if we aim to achieve our lifelong learning and alumni engagement goals?


Name Title Email Phone
Tim Brooks (Chair) Executive Director of Alumni Relations 7-3986
Paul Stanzler (Chair) Parent Volunteer
Tim Cross (Staff) Senior Director of Advancement Services 7-2645
Brigette Bryant Senior Director of Development, A&S 7-6797
Sai Das Scientist, HNRCA 6-3313
David Fechtor Director of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, Experimental College 7-5885
Kanchan Ganda Professor of Public Health and Community Service, Dental 6-4055
Robyn Gittleman Director, Experimental College 7-3384
Sol Gittleman University Professor 7-4840
Jennifer Lowrey Weingarden Senior Director of Development and Alumni Relations, Fletcher 7-2720
Rosalie Phillips Director of Office of Continuing Education, Medicine 6-6579
Regina Rockefeller
Elizabeth Rozanski Associate Professor of Clinical Sciences, Cummings 9-5395
Amy Schlegel Galleries and Collections, A&S 7-3505
Cindy Briggs Tobin Senior Director of Development and Alumni Relations, Friedman 6-0962
Christie Maciejewski Student
Claudia Schwartz Graduate Student, Fletcher School