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Membership: The Impact on Society committee was chaired by Peter Walker, Professor of Nutrition at the Friedman School and the Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service. Detailed member information is listed below.

Guiding Questions:

  • What should be the university’s principal goals with respect to impact on society?
  • Regarding the university’s impact on society, what are the most compelling observations and recommendations from the working group reports?
  • In addition to the issues addressed in the working group reports, what other critical impact on society issues should Tufts expect to face in the next 10 years?
  • What principles should guide our responses to these issues?
  • What should we plan to stop doing, or to start doing very differently, as we pursue goals for impacting society and confronting contemporary challenges?


Name Title Email Phone
Peter Walker (Chair) Professor of Nutrition, Friedman/Tisch 7-3361
Sunny Callahan (Staff) Director of Campaign Planning and Administration, University Advancement 7-5336
Julian Agyeman Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning and Policy, A&S 7-3394
Odilia Bermudez Associate Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine, Medicine 6-2194
Pawan Dhingra Professor of Sociology, A&S 7-2467
Jim Glaser Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of Political Science, A&S 7-4230
Tim Griffin Associate Professor, Friedman School 6-3613
Shafiqul Islam Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Water Diplomacy, Engineering/Fletcher 7-4290
Peter Levine Lincoln Filene Professor of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Tisch 7-2302
Cynthia Leveille-Webster Professor, Cummings School 8-4664
Joel Mason Scientist and Associate Professor, HNRCA/Friedman 6-3194
John Morgan Associate Professor of Public Health and Community Service, Dental/Tisch College 6-3899
Deborah Nutter Senor Associate Dean and Professor of Practice, Fletcher 7-2408
Susan Roberts Senior Scientist and Professor, HNRCA/Friedman 6-3237
Barbara Rubel Director of Community Relations 7-3780
Honorine Ward Professor of Medicine, Medicine 6-7022
Alice Pang Student
Merry Fitzpatrick Graduate Student