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Membership: The Digital and Online Initiatives working group was chaired by Boris Hassleblatt, Professor of Mathematics, School of Arts and Sciences. Detailed member information is listed below.

Guiding Questions:

  • What are the current ways that Tufts delivers educational content online?
  • What principles should guide Tufts as we consider joining one of the online course delivery models (e.g., edX, Coursera)?
  • How is digital technology used to enhance the classroom experience at Tufts? What barriers exist to this enhancement and how can we overcome those barriers?
  • What are the new ways that we might use digital technology to enhance the classroom experience at Tufts?
  • What investments are necessary if we are to expand our use of digital technology in the classroom? Please focus on investments that are unlikely to become obsolete in the near term.
  • What should we stop doing, or start doing differently, if we aim to achieve our online and digital educational goals?


Name Title Email Phone
Boris Hasselblatt (Chair) Professor of Mathematics, A&S 7-3419
Emily Schipper (Staff) Project Assistant, Provost’s Office 7-3317
Susan Albright Director of Educational Technologies, Medicine 6-6708
Jean Ayers Director of Web Communications 7-3824
Marina Bers Associate Professor of Child Development, A&S/Tisch College 7-4490
Patrick Connell Educational Technology Manager, Friedman 6-2415
Anne Fishman Director of Communications, A&S 7-5732
Noshir Mehta Professor of General Dentistry, Dental 6-6817
Seth Merrin Trustee
Dominique Penninck Professor of Clinical Sciences, Cummings 8-4651
Charlie Rabie Professor of the Practice, Engineering 7-3110
Gina Siesing Director of Educational & Scholarly Technology Services, UIT 7-3082
Vickie Sullivan Professor of Political Science, A&S 7-2328
Joshua Elliot Student
Rafi Yagudin Graduate Student