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Davis Educational Foundation

Davis Grant

Faculty Awakenings in a Time of Crisis

This project is a collaboration between the Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) and the Institute for Research on Learning and Education (IRLI). We will promote the continuation of positive and productive pedagogical practices adopted during the period during COVID that necessitated remote teaching. These included, for example, a more learner-centered stance, reflective practice, attention to marginalized student perspectives and experiences, and the use of technology for engagement (Annie Soisson, CELT David Hammer, Education Department and IRLI, Co-PI’s)

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Grant

HHMI Grant

CELT Director Annie Soisson and Board Member Roger Tobin of the Physics are part of a group awarded an HHMI Grant.

Awarded by the HHMI in 2017, this $1 million grant is designed to boost diversity in the natural sciences. It funds a five-year initiative that provides Tufts science faculty and teaching assistants in introductory science courses with support to enhance their ability to elicit, recognize, interpret, and respond meaningfully to all students’ thinking and reasoning regardless of their cultural background or prior preparation. It is led by Roger Tobin, Physics; David Hammer, Education and Physics; Mitch McVey, Biology; Diren Turner, Chemistry; and Annie Soisson, Director of the University’s Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching. View the article

POD Network Research Grant

Uncovering educational development’s values to begin interrogating our field for racism and colonization

POD Network Research Grant Program aims to promote a greater culture of evidenced-based research designed to contribute new knowledge in the fields of educational, instructional, and organizational development. A multi-institutional collaboration, this project recognizes that educational developers must examine our values, practices, and assumptions for racism and colonization, which starts with a systematic investigation to identify our values. In this project, we aim to use a number of sources and methods to 1) gain a comprehensive picture of the values held by educational developers today and 2) uncover who has and has not been included in the shaping of those values. (Heather Dwyer, Tufts University; Marisella Rodriguez, UC Berkeley; Jamiella Brooks, University of Pennsylvania)