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35th University-Wide Teaching Conference

2023 - Learning Through Experience

34th University-Wide Teaching Conference

2022 - Learning Assessment, Evaluation & Grading: Are We Doing Justice?
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Susan Blum, University of Notre Dame
Keynote Title: Assessing for Learning, Learning for Assessing: How to Foster Authentic and Meaningful Learning

33rd University-Wide Teaching Conference

2021 - Disruption, Resilience, and Transformation: What's Next for Learning and Teaching?
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Randall Bass, Georgetown University
Keynote Title: Envisioning how the experiences of the past year will transform teaching and learning at Tufts and beyond.

32nd University-wide Teaching Conference

2019 - Getting to Know You: The Faculty/Student Connection
Keynote Speaker: Dr. John F. Mahoney, M.D., M.S., University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Keynote Title: Why do Generational Differences Pose a Challenge to Educators?

31st University-wide Teaching Conference

2018 - Motivation and Engagement in Teaching and Learning: We're All in This Together
Keynote Speaker Day 1: David Dockterman, Ed.D., Harvard Graduate School of Education
Keynote Title: Developing Mindsets for Productive Struggle

Keynote Speaker Day 2: Dr. Susan Robison, Ph.D
Keynote Title: Motivation by Design

30th University-wide Teaching Conference

2017 - Fostering Active & Collaborative Learning Environments: From Design to Assessment
Keynote Speaker Day 1: Bryan Alexander, PhD, Researcher, Writer, Speaker, Consultant, and Educator
Keynote Title: To the Next University: Trends Driving Academic Transformation

Keynote Speaker Day 2: Rebecca Kammer, OD, PhD, Diplomate Low Vision, FAAO, Colleges of Optometry
Keynote Title: Active Learning that Leads to Engagement and Higher Order Thinking

29th University-wide Teaching Conference

2016 - Inclusive Excellence: Teaching and Learning in an Increasingly Interconnected World
Keynote Speaker: Gilda Barabino, PhD, Professor and Dean of Engineering, City College of New York
Keynote Title: Reframing Excellence

Keynote Speaker: Derek Bruff, PhD, Director, Center for Teaching, Mathematics Professor, Vanderbilt University
Keynote Title: Teaching in Stereo: Perspectives on Learner-Centered Instruction

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Lee Knefelkamp, Professor of Psychology and Education, Teachers Collects, Columbia University
Keynote Title: Listening to Understand: Intellectual Development & Perspective Taking in the Face of Intractable Conflicts

28th University-wide Teaching Conference

2015 - Is it on the test?: Transforming Teaching, Transforming Learning
Keynote Speaker: Michael Wesch, Ph.D., Kansas State University
Keynote Title: The End of Expertise in the Digital Age

27th University-wide Teaching Conference

2013 - The Science of Learning & The Art of Teaching
Keynote Speaker: Daniel T. Willingham, Ph.D.

26th University-wide Teaching Conference

2012 - Engage and Inspire Learning through Teamwork
Keynote Speaker:  Peter Roby, Athletics Director, Northeastern University
Keynote Title: Teamwork, it’s so much more than Sports

25th University-wide Teaching Conference

2011 - Classrooms without Borders: Using Blended Learning to Extend the Classroom Experience
Keynote Speaker: Mary Y. Lee, M.D., Associate Provost, Tufts University
Keynote Title: Blended Learning in Higher Education

24th University-wide Teaching Conference

2010 - Really Fabulous, Out-of-the-Box, Practical Ways to Enhance Your
Teaching and Student Learning

23rd University-wide Teaching Conference

2009 - Beyond Student Evaluation of Teaching: Peer to Peer Exchanges
Keynote Speaker: James Wilkinson, PhD, Senior Associate and Director Emeritus, Derek Bok
Center for Teaching and Learning, Harvard University
Keynote Title: The Benefits of Peer to Peer Exchanges to Enhance Learning

22nd University-wide Teaching Conference

2008 - Beyond Student Evaluation of Teaching: Peer to Peer Exchanges

21st University-wide Teaching Conference

2007 - Overcoming Barriers to Student Success
Keynote Speaker: Richard Kadison, M.D., Chief, Mental Health Services, Harvard University Health
Keynote Title: "Staying Healthy at Tufts: Student Mental Health and

20th University-wide Teaching Conference

2006 - Considering Ethics in Teaching, Learning, and Research
Keynote Speaker: Michael A. Grodin, M.D.

2005 - Learning Assessment Challenges and Solutions
2004 - Is Everybody Learning? Teaching in the Diverse Classroom
2003 - Matching Assessment Strategies to Learner Needs
2002 - On the Road to Internet2
2001 -How to Success Stories at Tufts: Teaching Tips to Use Now
2000 - Making Oral Presentations: Some Lessons for Teachers
1999 - The Brain, Technology, And The Person: Some Lessons For Teachers
1999 - Teaching Opportunities and Challenges: Old and New
1998 - Stand and Deliver: Teaching Oral Presentation Skills in Different Contexts
1998 - Let’s Talk About Teaching
1997 - Let’s Talk About the Teaching and Learning of Critical Thinking
1997 - Let’s Talk About Teaching and Technology
1996 - Let’s Talk About Teaching
1996 - Enhancing Teaching at Tufts
1995 - Let’s Talk About Teaching
1995 - Teaching Your Best in Small and Large Groups
1994 - Enhancing Teaching at Tufts