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The Large Lecture consortium is an interdisciplinary faculty learning community composed of faculty who teach classes of ~70 students or more. Members of the consortium share experiences and strategies for enhancing learning for students in their large classes. Some sessions feature host speakers who facilitate discussions on topics of interest to the group.  The learning community also collects a repository of resources for teaching large classes.  If you are interested in joining this learning community email

Upcoming Meetings & Events (open to all Tufts faculty)

Making a Large Class Feel Small

February 1st 12-2pm   

What does it mean for teaching and learning when a class size grows? As a class gets larger, how do we make it feel small? What can we do to manage the workload and get feedback on students’ learning while insuring that they feel connected? RSVP to

Eyes on the Classroom: Watching Interactions in Large Lectures

March 8th, 12-2pm  

Join us in analyzing learning in large classes as we take glimpses into real STEM classrooms. In the session we will watch and analyze brief videos of large lecture classes in action! RSVP to