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Tufts University teaching faculty are eligible to apply to participate in the OEA/CELT Teaching Scholars Program to be held at Tufts University School of Medicine Campus. Up to 12 teaching faculty members will be enrolled. The program will consist of four three-hour sessions. The topic areas of discussion will be learner-centered teaching, active learning, peer observation of teaching with collegial feedback, and participant’s own teaching practices. Participants will have an opportunity to share an aspect/topic/event of their teaching practices they would like to discuss with their peers and receive feedback on, using the step-back consultation approach.  Sessions include: Promoting Active Learning Through Learner-Centered Teaching, Peer Observation of Teaching with Collegial Feedback, and Step-back Consultations on Participant’s Individual Teaching Practices.

Facilitated by: Maria Blanco, Ed.D; Priya Garg, M.D.; Donna Qualters, Ph.D; and Annie Soisson, Ed.D

For more information on OEA/CELT Teaching Scholars: Email (at CELT in Medford) or (at OEA in Boston)

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