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Faculty Mentor

Project Title

Abby Donaghue


Eileen Crehan

Access to Arts Education via IEP for Autistic Adolescents

Alexandra Dingle


Elizabeth Prodromou

Reshaping Refugees Recreationally: Examining How Greek Refugee Camps Enable Pluralistic Interactions Among Children From Diverse Backgrounds

Alvalyn Dixon-Gardner

Julie Dobrow

The Impact of Identity and Inclusion on Mental Health

Amanda Schreiner

Laura Corlin


Observational Study on the Association Between Sunlight Exposure and COVID-19 Incidence

Andra Preda


Headshot for Laidlaw Mentor Lisa Shin

Lisa Shin

Physiology of Personal Memories/Racism as Trauma

Arrietty Bui


Irene Georgakoudi

Development of a Novel Platform for Identifying and Assessing Biomarkers of Traumatic Brain Injury

Athena Nair


Kareem Khubchandani

Researching Body Positivity and Fatphobia Through an Intersectional Lens

Cesar Urzua


Jamie Maguire

Developmental organization of locus coeruleus - basolateral amygdala networks following early life adversity.

Christalie Anor


Headshot for Laidlaw Mentor Lisa Shin

Lisa Shin

Racism as Trauma: Physiological Correlates of Experiencing Discrimination

Dvorah Landau


David Proctor

Anti-Balkan Sterotypes in 19th-20th century British Foreign Policy

Deepti Srinivasan

Headshot of Laidlaw Mentor Madeleine Oudin

Madeleine Oudin

Studying how resting membrane potential affects electric field driven migration in triple-negative breast cancer

Irene Pantekidis

Pamela Yelick

Analyzing the Effectiveness of a Function-Blocking Antibody Treatment of Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva in Zebrafish Models

Jackson Lubke


Peter Levine

Examining Wealth and Equity

Julia Silberman


Krishna Kumar

Discovery and Development of Peptide Antibiotics

Kyla Levin


Lenore Cowen

Discovering the Genetics Behind Parkinson’s Disease

Lauren Ling


Howard Chen

Impact of Autophagy Regulating Extracellular Biomarkers in Cardiovascular Disease

Lauren Soherr


Kris Manjapra

Reclaiming Erased Narratives: Merze Tate and Black Internationalist Women in the Mid-20th Century

Mindy Duggan

Deborah Donahue-Keegan

Autism Representation on Screen: Examining Television Depictions of Individuals with Autism and their Impact on College-Aged Viewers’ Perceptions of Autism

Morgane Dackiw

Zarin Machanda and

Michael Reed

“Primates in Peril”: An Investigation into the Conservation of Wild Primates

Robert May

Benjamin Wolfe

Characterizing the role of Pseudomonas in microbial interactions in the cheese rind microbiome

Sam Brill

Peter Levine

Determinants of Perpetuating Health Disparities Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sarrah Hakimjee

Lenore Cowen

Finding the next Alzheimer's gene

Sean Rose

Samuel Sommers

The Physiological Effects of being Black in America

Shubhecchha Dhaurali


Ndidiamaka Amutah-Onukagha

An Exploration of the Role of Psychosocial Stress in Women of Color’s Maternal Behavior and Experiences with Assisted Reproductive Technology & Infertility

Tue Nguyen

James Intrilligator

Robotic-Assisted Telesurgery Platform for Cataract-Induced Blindness

Zachary Ferretti

Ninian Stein

The Hidden Truth: An Investigative Analysis of Water Contamination and Environmental Resilience on Long Island, New York

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