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Adopted by the Board of Trustees, April 16, 1959
Amended by the Board of Trustees, April 27, 1968
Further amended by the Board of Trustees, March 6, 1971
Further amended by the Board of Trustees, May 19, 2001
Effective May 19, 2001 (Par E revised 8/3/05)


Sabbatic leave is granted to members of a faculty as a recognition of notable service through teaching and scholarly contributions and as an aid and inspiration to further achievements. Sabbatic leave is intended to provide professors with opportunities for scholarly development and contacts which shall contribute to their professional effectiveness and to the value of their future service to Tufts University. It is assumed that a faculty member who accepts leave intends to return to the university.

  1. Eligibility and Opportunity for Sabbatic Leave

Sabbatic leave is granted only to those of professorial rank (assistant professor, associate professor, professor) and in consideration of the nature and period of service with such rank at Tufts University. The candidate for leave shall have served with professorial rank at Tufts for at least six years, but nothing herein contained shall limit the right of the president or his/her designee to enter into a special agreement concerning the time of the first sabbatic leave of a member of the faculty brought from another institution or organization. The opportunity for taking sabbatic leave at regular intervals is not absolutely guaranteed by Tufts University and will be granted only when the condition of the department involved and of the university in general is such that the professor’s absence will not seriously impair the interests of the university. It is understood that consideration will be given to the special conditions in small departments, even though additional expense to the university may be involved. Sabbatic leave cannot ordinarily be granted unless the applicant would, at the expiration of such leave, be eligible for continued service on a faculty of Tufts University for at least one year before retirement.

  1. Periods of Leave; Compensation During Leave

Sabbatic leave may be granted for a period not to exceed one year, during which period the professor shall receive one-half of his/her regular salary; or it may involve absence for one-half year with full salary. It is understood that a member of the faculty on sabbatic leave is not to receive compensation for services in another institution or organization without prior approval of the Provost. This shall not be so construed, however, as to preclude either fellowships or other grants for advanced study, or such occasional teaching, consulting, or other professional activities as may form an integral part of a program for advanced study. Approval of a plan for a faculty member to receive compensation from another organization during a sabbatic leave will be contingent upon the ability of the University to work out an agreement with the faculty member and the sponsoring organization that the Provost, in his/her sole discretion, believes adequately protects the University’s interests in intellectual property.

  1. Time and Requirements of Application for Leave

Completed application form (obtained from the Provost’s Office) for leave should be addressed to the President of Tufts University via the chairman of the department concerned, the deans and the provost. The applicant must have a well-considered plan for spending the leave in a manner that will clearly contribute to the best interests of the university. A detailed written statement of this plan, together with clear indications of its professional advantages, shall accompany the application. Application forms should be received in the Provost’s Office by January 1 preceding the academic year in which sabbatic leave is desired.

  1. Leave of Absence

Leave of absence, without pay, may be granted at any time, for not more than one academic year. In certain cases the president and trustees may count such a period of leave as part of the consecutive years of service which are a prerequisite to sabbatic leave.

  1. Required Report

Upon returning to the university after sabbatic leave, the professor is required to write a detailed report of activities during leave and shall transmit the same to the provost and school dean. The report is due no later than three months following return from leave.

Faculty of Arts, Sciences and Engineering Supplemental Policy Regarding Sabbatical Leave and Academic Leaves of Absence

Definition of Policies Concerning Sabbatic Leave and Leave of Absence of Members of the Faculties of Tufts University