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Tufts University fosters a learning environment for students to personalize their education around their passions, interests, and aspirations throughout their time at the University. We recognize students’ broad range of paths and integrated learning experiences; My Tufts Story video contest highlights the myriad ways in which students are shaping their own learning and experience.

Are you passionate about health and wellness of all people, including public health at this time of global pandemic; the sustainability of the planet; affordable and renewable energy; access to food and clean water; improved nutrition and sustainable agriculture; safety and peace; diversity, equity, inclusion, racial justice and anti-racist work; economic growth; access to quality education; enhanced quality of life or other personal interests?

Are you designing your curriculum and extra-curricular experiences according to your interests and passions; collaborating with peers within and outside of your major or program; pursuing a research project or thesis; participating in a student club; learning how to become an entrepreneur or creating a business; exploring the real world as an intern or a resident physician; studying abroad or serving the community; competing as a student athlete or playing club or intramural sports?

Please tell us your Tufts story!


This contest is open to all currently enrolled Tufts students. This includes undergraduate, graduate (Master's Degree, Ph.D., and Graduate Certificate), and professional students. Entries should showcase your personal interests and how you are designing/have designed a personalized educational experience, both inside and outside of the classroom, to fulfill your learning aspirations around your interests and passion.

Videos will be reviewed by a panel of Tufts judges. One grand prize winner in the general category and a grand-prize winner for artistry and editing will each be awarded $1,000. First prize winners will also be chosen from each school. Submitted videos or clips of videos may be featured on the Tufts website, social media channels, and other digital advertisements.

Prize Categories

The review panel will focus on how thoroughly each video articulates academic and extracurricular pursuits as well as how you have been able to craft your Tufts experience around your passions, interests, and aspirations.


Grand Prize-General Category

One grand prize winner will be awarded $1,000 for the overall ability to embody and convey their story in the spirit of the contest.

Grand Prize-Artistry and Editing

One grand prize winner will be awarded $1,000 for their technical and creative storytelling.

First Prize School-Level Winners

One winner from each school will be awarded $500 based upon the excellence of articulating their story about their academic and extracurricular pursuits as well as their passions, interests, and aspirations.

Video Requirements & Guidelines

All MP4 videos must be submitted by 9:00AM EST on Monday, November 15th, 2021.

  • All videos should be in MP4 file format and no more than 2 minutes in length
  • Videos should be uploaded to the submission form: MTS Fall 2021 submission form
  • Please ensure that there is clear audio and that the video quality is high resolution
  • Videos should be oriented horizontally
  • All videos must be original entries created by you
  • In the video, please state your name, school, class year, and major(s)
  • Entries can showcase short stories, photos, a poster, a song, poetry, music, artwork, dance, or other art forms as long as the final submission is in the form of a video. Please include descriptive context and the story behind your submission (no more than ½ page)
  • Up to two students may collaborate on a video
  • One entry per student/group is allowed

Submissions will be evaluated based on their ability to encompass and integrate the following experiences related to your interests and passions:

  • Research/Scholarly Project, Study or Paper
  • Real World Experience (internship, residency, practicum)
  • Multicultural Experience (international experience; diversity, equity and inclusion; leadership)
  • Civic Engagement
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Interdisciplinary and Inter-professional Study, Project, and/or Experience
Previous Winners and their Videos
Inaugural Year Winners: 2020
Emai Lai Undergrad SOE Emai's Video
Krishan Guzzo Undergrad A&S Megha and Krishan's Video
Megha Tandon Undergrad A&S Megha and Krishan's Video
Ali Sasani TUSM Ali's Video
Daniel Bekai Grad SOE Daniel's Video
Alyssa Rose Undergrad SOE Alyssa's Video
Jen Frye Undergrad A&S Jen's Video
Amel Hassan Undergrad SOE Amel's Video
Sukanya Upadhyaya Grad A&S Sukanya's Video
Olukunle Owolabi Grad SOE Olukunle's Video
Prayank Jain The Fletcher School Prayank's Video
Najah Walton GSBS Najah's Video
Hannah Cai Friedman School of Nutrition Hannah's Video
Tara Aboumahboub TUSDM Nehal and Tara's Video
Nehal Shah TUSDM Nehal and Tara's Video
Connie Li Cummings Vet School Connie's Video
Stephanie Cohen TUSM Stephanie's Video

Second Year Winners: Spring 2021

Elizabeth De Jesus TUSM Elizabeth's Video
Sachin Vallamkonda TUSM Sachin's Video
Lenor Levy Undergrad A&S Lenor's Video
Ariana Barreiro Undergrad SOE Ariana's Video
Katja Kwaku Grad A&S Katja's Video
Emelyn Chiang Grad SOE Emelyn's Video
Mohit Saini The Fletcher School Mohit's Video
Tatyana Camejo Friedman School of Nutrition Tatyana's Video
Nicole Cassarino TUSM Nicole's Video
My Tufts Story Winners Announcement

Winners will be announced via a university-wide email in mid-December 2021.