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As Vice Provost, Kevin Dunn works primarily in the area of faculty affairs.  He coordinates the Bridge Professorship program, and oversees issues that pertain to tenure and promotion, bylaws and faculty handbooks, faculty governance, and faculty appointments and approvals.

Vice Provost-at-a-Glance

Kevin Dunn

Vice Provost

Academic Credentials
Ph.D. in Renaissance Studies from Yale University, with distinction (1988); MA, Oxford University (1980) BA, University of Louisville (1978)

Tufts Affiliations
Associate Professor of English, Associate Professor of Religion (secondary)

Former Positions & Professorships
Chair, Department of Religion (2009-2011), Dean of Academic Affairs for Arts and Sciences (2002-2006), Acting Dean of the College of Special Studies (2003-2006),

On-Site Director, Breadloaf School of English, Juneau Alaska (2000-2003, 2006), Director of Graduate Studies, English Department (1997-2000), Director of Graduate Studies, Renaissance Studies, Yale University (1992-1993), Director of Undergraduate Studies, Humanities Major, Yale University (1989-90, 1992-93),

Director of Undergraduate Studies, Renaissance Studies, Yale University, (1987-91); Associate Professor of Religion (secondary appointment) (2006-present),

Faculty Member, Bread Loaf School of English (1997-2006), Associate Professor of English (1997-present), Assistant Professor of English (1995-1997), Resident Professor, Yale-in-London (Spring 1994), Associate Professor of English, Yale University (1993-1995), Assistant Professor of English, Yale University (1988-1993).

Research Interests
The literature, politics and religion of early modern England.

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