Tufts Innovates

The Tufts Innovates seed grant program seeks to spark imaginative ideas to enhance learning and teaching, including interdisciplinary approaches that integrate research. Supported projects are expected to catalyze sustainable initiatives across schools and programs and may lead to further opportunities for internal and external funding.

The Office of the Provost is pleased to announce a call for applications for the Tufts Innovates program for the 2016-2017 academic year. There is special interest in proposals with a focus on teaching innovations in large lecture classes, but all proposals are welcome. Further details will be published in the coming weeks. The deadline for Tufts Innovates proposal submission is Friday January 15, 2016.

The following projects were selected to receive Tufts Innovates seed grants during 2015-2016. Along with 34 previously-funded initiatives, these projects are enhancing our students’ educational experiences across Tufts University for years to come.

Using Problem Based Learning and Interactive Technology (WebEx) to Provide an Immersive Experiential Learning Environment in One Health
Principal Investigator: Janetrix Hellen Amuguni
Team Members: Ralph Aarons, Susan Albright, Melissa Mazan, John Morgan, Joseph Sansone

Development of interdisciplinary, web-based and manually available One Health Problem Based Learning (PBL) cases for use across the veterinary, medical, and dental programs at Tufts. These cases will serve as an intellectual resource for students and provide valuable skills in teamwork and multidisciplinary approaches.

Imagination Economics: Innovations in Creative Learning
Principal Investigator: Mary Davis
Team Members: Jill McDonough (three-time winner of the Pushcart prize), Brian Roach, Ayanna Thomas

 A re-envisioning of traditional economics instruction, this project exposes students to traditional economic concepts through creative cases and assignments, exploring creative expression, such as poetry, as a way to promote an inclusive learning experience, enhance memory and retrieval, and improve economic literacy.

 Teaching Democracy: A Curriculum for Popular and Community-Based Education
Principal Investigator: Penn Loh
Team Members: Shirley Mark, Carolyn Rubin

Creation of a curriculum for Tufts students, faculty, and community partners to build their capacity in popular and community-based education methods, which are proven effective across culturally and economically diverse communities and deepen learning for students and faculty by linking theory and practice with lived experience.  

The Science and Engineering of Music: Development of a New Course
Principal Investigator: Chris Rogers
Team Members: Paul Lehrman, Roger Tobin

Creation of a unique course that is simultaneously a rigorous science class for science/engineering majors and a rigorous class for music students. Team-based peer learning will be used to teach the engineering of sound generation, the physics of sound, and the art of composing (both timbre and song) in a class built on teams of students with distributed expertise rather than teams of students with identical expertise.

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