Affiliation Agreement Internal Approval Process

Any agreement signed by or on behalf of the University with other universities, non-profit organizations or other entities, both international and domestic, must go through an internal review process prior to execution to ensure compliance with University policies and confirm institutional approval and support.


  • Any affiliated agreement with another university or other institution should advance Tufts’ institutional mission and should enhance, not diminish, Tufts’ standing in the academic community.
  • All affiliated agreements will be subject to Tufts university-wide policies such as the Confidentiality and Use of Tufts’ Name policies.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all agreements will be automatically renewed each academic year for a period of five years. Prior to the end of the fifth year, the project or agreement must be re-submitted through the internal approval process.
  • If the collaboration includes research, the project must go through the standard review process conducted by the Office of Research Administration on the appropriate campus.
  • If the collaboration relates to the conferring of a new or joint degree, the project must go through the standard review process, including Trustee approval. The guidelines for proposing new degree programs can be found here.
  • All new agreements or sub-agreements must be submitted for review and approval through this process, even if an umbrella agreement with the same institution has already been approved.
  • Sample agreement language is available for download here.
  • Signature approval by the School Dean or Unit Director indicates that the Dean or Unit Director endorses and approves of the agreement and any resulting financial or administrative obligations.


  • An Internal Approval Routing Form must be completed and signed by all necessary parties before any new agreement is executed on behalf of Tufts University. A Routing Form should also be completed for each project or agreement that is being submitted for re-approval. A copy of the Routing Form can be downloaded via the link below, or by contacting Celia Campbell, Assistant Provost for Administration and Finance, in the Office of the Provost at 617-627-3310.
  • The Routing Form should be signed by the Primary Contact/Project Director, Department Chair and School Dean or Unit Director. If the agreement involves research collaboration or student exchange, it should be submitted to the Office of Research Administration or the Office of Undergraduate Education for review and approval prior to the Office of the Provost review. The agreement with routing form should then be submitted to Celia Campbell, Office of the Provost, Ballou Hall, 2nd Floor.
  • The Office of the Provost will forward the Routing Form and draft agreements to the other administrative offices for review and approval as appropriate, including the Office of the University Counsel.
  • After approval, the original executed version of the agreement will be sent back to the Primary Contact/Project Director listed on the accompanied routing form. Copies of the executed agreement will be filed in the Office of the Provost as well as the Office of the University Counsel. The Primary Contact/Project Director should then forward a copy to their appropriate school Dean’s or Unit Director’s office to be filed.
  • At the beginning of each academic year, the Office of the Provost will review the list of active agreements and will inform schools and programs of agreements expiring at the end of that academic year. Active and continuing programs should be re-submitted for approval. Program or project directors are responsible for completing the paperwork required for re-approval.

*Failure to adhere to proper form routing procedures could result in delays in agreement processing.


The following documents are available for download:

Affiliation Agreement Guidelines & Internal Approval Process (v. 5 13) (Microsoft Word format)
Affiliation Agreement Internal Approval Routing Form (v. 5 13) (Microsoft Word format)
Affiliation Agreement Internal Approval Flow Diagram (version 7/14) (PDF format)
Sample Cooperation Agreement (Microsoft Word format)

For more information, please contact Celia Campbell, Office of the Provost at 617-627-3310.