University-wide Committee on Teaching and Faculty Development (UCTFD)

The UCTFD facilitates collaboration and engagement among all University schools for faculty development programs, services and issues. The UCTFD assists the Provost in affirming excellent teaching and learning as a priority at Tufts, and in that context promotes and coordinates the educational and faculty development activities of the several schools.

The UCTFD serves as a steering or advisory committee for the :

  • Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) strives to promote teaching innovation and support teaching-related initiatives, while collaborating and coordinating faculty development initiatives between campuses. CELT provides support and training for faculty in University Seminars, the Academic Leadership Development Program, University-wide Teaching and Learning Conferences, and Tufts Innovates!
  • University Seminar program aims to enhance the interface between research and teaching, using trans‚Äźdisciplinary and innovative approaches to global issues.
  • Academic Leadership Development Program (ALD) provides academic leaders with the tools, knowledge, and skills they need to navigate their roles, and arose from the UCTFD priority list of faculty development needs.
  • Tufts Innovates! seed grants program is an intramural grant program for teaching innovation at Tufts. UCTFD reviews proposals and submits recommendations for funding to the Provost.
  • Office of the Provost Open Access Fund aims to enhance faculty awareness about open access by providing awards for Tufts faculty publications and digitization of materials to be made available openly. UCTFD reviews proposals and approves funding.
  • University-wide Teaching Conferences UCTFD provides guidance to CELT and Educational and Scholarly Technology Services for conference and workshop programming.

Chaired by Associate Provost Mary Y. Lee, and a rotating co-chair from one of the schools, membership includes academic deans and faculty, as appointed by the school Deans or Directors to represent their local faculty and teaching development “office” or “process,” the dean for undergraduate education, a library representative appointed by the University Library Council, the director of CELT, and representatives from other institutional offices that support faculty in their academic work, including the Office of Institutional Research and Evaluation and Educational and Scholarly Technology Services.

UCTFD meets monthly throughout the academic year, September to June.

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