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Once a year, SPACe members vote on the committee’s priorities for the upcoming year. In line with those priorities, subcommittees are developed to develop policy and other solution recommendations to address the identified priorities.

2019 Sub-Committees

  • Annual Costs of Space: Investigates space costs (e.g., O&M, DM, etc.) and recommends incentives for efficient space use
  • Reserve Tufts Policies and Guidelines: Develops policies and guidelines for room use, priorities, etc.
  • Reservable Space Fees: Internal vs. External: Investigates and recommends ranges of user fees for different types of reservable spaces
  • Summer and Winter Operations: Develops strategy for increasing residence hall utilization and improving academic building operations during summer and winter sessions

Annual Costs of Space

Reserve Tufts Policies and Guidelines

Reservable Space Fees: Internal vs. External

Summer/Winter Residence Hall Operations

Donna Golemme Celia Campbell Celia Campbell Joe Auner
Lisa Halpert, Co-Chair Katelyn Gosselin Jason Mcclellan Chris Helmuth
Chris Helmuth Sarah Harvey Adam Cotton Tom Malone (or delegate)
Ed Kleifgen Chris Helmuth/Anthony Luongo Mark Gonthier Karen Mulder
Tom Malone, Co-Chair Ed Kleifgen/Krissy Day Lisa Halpert Cory Pouliot
Joe McManus Greg Mahoney, Co-Chair Karen Mulder Jennifer de Ridder
Angie Milonas Kevin Murphy Heather Nathans Chris Rossi (or delegate)
Jim Sarazen Bruce Panilaitis Jeff Rawitch Jim Sarazen
Jerry Sheehan Jennifer de Ridder, Co-Chair Jennifer de Ridder Jerry Sheehan (or delegate)
Diane Ryan/Kathy O'Connor Jim Sarazen Donna Golemme
Jim Sarazen Barb Stein Barb Stein, Co-Chair
Jerry Sheehan
Glenn Stevens