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A scholarly approach to teaching involves reading about new teaching methodologies, reflecting on teaching practices, attending workshops, or asking for peer feedback. CELT supports faculty in this scholarly approach to teaching through its many programs and events, including: offering workshops related to student-centered; coming to classes to conduct mid-term feedback; sharing innovative ideas; observing classes; offering new teaching methodologies; and sharing new approaches to course design.

By contrast, the scholarship of teaching and learning involves a systematic engagement and analysis of research questions related to student learning that are shared publicly in peer-reviewed journals to advance the field of teaching and learning.  CELT is also actively involved in the scholarship of teaching and learning, including: conducting research projects on pedagogy; publishing articles in peer-reviewed journals; and serving on boards of educational journals. As the field of SoTL has grown, faculty from across all disciplines conduct research and publish articles.

SoTL Journals
Among the wide range of print and online SoTL journals, some are discipline-specific while others cross all disciplines. One of the main journals is the Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (JoSoTL).

See here for a more comprehensive list of journals (Kennesaw State, Illinois State).

Entering the field of SOTL
While SoTL requires rigorous research methodology, you do not need to be expert educational researchers.  SoTL projects are grounded in specific disciplines, and the skills you bringfrom your specific discipline can be applied to SoTL. A key to working in SoTL is an intention to grow and develop knowledge about your own teaching that in turn has a significant impact on your institution and your disciplinary field.  As with all research projects, SoTL requires IRB approval to ensure the student identities are protected.

Being engaged in SoTL may involve a shift in how you think about your teaching, consider student learning, and read your evaluations.  It ensures you remain up-to-date with changing student body needs, and helps you to make decisions about teaching methodologies and texts based on research and best practices.  Depending on the extent to which teaching is valued, there is variance among departments as to how much weight is given to SoTL publications for tenure and promotion.

Beginning the Process

See here for more information on designing a SoTL research project, or contact for a consultation.