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CELT Faculty Fellows Seminar: The Faculty Fellows Seminar is comprised of a small group of faculty from across the university who have applied and been accepted into a semester long program. This seminar is aimed at helping faculty to develop their skills as teachers. Seminar participants have the opportunity to hear from speakers on topics of teaching and learning, discuss specific issues with each other, and receive individualized and small-group coaching. The seminar is not a remedial course. Rather, it is for professors who are already successful in their teaching, but who wish to reach the next level in terms of teaching effectiveness.

Course Design Institute: This four day workshop is designed to provide you with the tools, time, and collegial support to help you work through the course design/redesign process. By the end of the institute, you will have created the basic structure of your course. We will provide official documentation of your successful completion of the institute.

Faculty Institute for Learning Assessment: What are your primary concerns about student learning? Did any of your classroom activities or assignments, or assessments, leave you wondering about student engagement or learning? The core purpose of this institute is to gather information to respond to these sorts of questions, and to improve student learning. We seek information to guide us to ways we can stimulate more learning among students.

Inclusive Learning Institute

Learning Communities: These are self-directed interdisciplinary groups of up to 12 faculty who meet over the course of a year (with a schedule they determine). They learn together from the literature, other universities, experts on these topics, and connect to their personal experience.

Academic Leadership Development Program (ALD): The ALD program provides faculty leaders with the tools and skills to navigate the myriad issues that arise with leadership roles, a need identified by the University-wide Committee on Teaching and Faculty Development and the Human Resources Department. Designed for Tufts’ academic leaders (academic deans, department chairs, program directors, etc.) the ALD is a four-session program offered in half-day blocks throughout a semester that addresses: 1) Academic Leadership in Action, 2) Communication and Managing Conflict, 3) Navigating Politics, 4) Leading Change. Each session includes pre-work for the participants, interactive presentations and discussions, and hands-on practical activities.

Large Lecture Consortium: Tufts faculty who teach large enrollment courses have many common challenges. Through this consortium they share experiences, strategies and resources and invite guests from other universities to share their innovative practices.

Office of Educational Affairs (OEA)/CELT Teaching Scholars: CELT works together with OEA to host four three-hour sessions in the Spring to be held at Tufts University School of Medicine Campus. Sessions include: Promoting Active Learning Through Learner-Centered Teaching, Peer Observation of Teaching with Collegial Feedback, and Step-back Consultations on Participant’s Individual Teaching Practices.