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Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Grant

HHMI Grant

CELT Director Annie Soisson and Board Member Roger Tobin of the Physics are part of a group awarded an HHMI Grant.

Awarded by the HHMI in 2017, this $1 million grant is designed to boost diversity in the natural sciences. It funds a five-year initiative that provides Tufts science faculty and teaching assistants in introductory science courses with support to enhance their ability to elicit, recognize, interpret, and respond meaningfully to all students’ thinking and reasoning regardless of their cultural background or prior preparation. It is led by Roger Tobin, professor of physics; David Hammer, professor of education and physics; Juliet Fuhrman, professor of immunology and infectious disease; Susan Koegel, senior lecturer of cell biology and immunology; and Annie Soisson, director of the university’s Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching. View the article

IDEA Grant

IDEA grant

In 2016, CELT was awarded a one-year grant from the IDEA organization to document the impact of CELT’s inclusive excellence programming from December 2013 to December 2016. The goal of the Inclusive Excellence program is to make classrooms a more open and welcoming environment for all, and to ensure equitable learning outcomes. Through interviews, surveys and pre-and -post program documents the research project explored the impact of CELT Inclusive Excellence programming on course climate and teaching.

Davis Educational Foundation Grant

Davis Grant

In 2013, CELT was awarded a three year grant to explore the topic of teaching for inclusive excellence. Over a three year period, seven faculty learning communities were formed to focus on related topics such as managing difficult dialogues, the implications for inclusive teaching in online environments, STEM classrooms, large enrollment courses, and assessment practices. For more information about the grant and the learning communities see Teaching for Inclusive Excellence.


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