University Seminar courses are open to graduate students, professional-degree candidates, and qualified juniors and seniors.

Current Course:

Spring 2015
Food for All: Ecology, Biotechnology, and Sustainability

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and are due no later than November 14, 2014.

This is a high-demand course which requires an application to the Office of the Provost and approval of the application by the course faculty. Please ensure that you submit an application to the Office of the Provost through The Office of the Provost will process the applications and if the student is accepted into the course by the faculty, will arrange for registration of students in the class. You will not be included in a list of applicants or be able to be registered unless we have your application. Please see the application and instructions below for information on how to apply.

Since decisions about enrollment are made external to the open registration period, students are encouraged to register for their full load of other courses without regard to potential participation in a University Seminar course. If you are invited and elect to participate, you will be automatically registered (and then may need to drop a course if you have previously registered for a full course load).

In addition to evaluating individual qualifications, students will be selected in an attempt to create a balance of disciplines, schools and graduate or undergraduate experience in order to create an environment for rich collaboration. Acceptance into the seminar is subject to the availability of slots.

Information for Undergraduate Students

Upper level undergraduate students in good academic standing, and with strong communication skills, ability to work well in a group, demonstrated initiative, solid writing skills, and familiarity with research methods are encouraged to apply to participate in the University Seminar.

Your eligibility to participate in the Seminar will be assessed and determined by the Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Education. A combination of your academic performance, capacity for the rigor of a graduate level course, and ability to effectively engage in team projects, will be taken into consideration. If you are eligible, your application will be considered by the Seminar Faculty team who will select course participants.

o   Undergraduate Application and Instructions

Information for Graduate and Professional Degree Students

University Seminar courses bring together graduate students, professional-degree candidates, qualified undergraduates, and Tufts faculty from a variety of disciplines to address complex issues of global importance. Classes will be highly interactive and will include collaborative learning and co-teaching strategies. Class discussion will engage students in dialogue with faculty to reframe how we explore and approach the nature of these problems. Students will incorporate other disciplines into their own thinking in order to define innovative solutions.

o   Graduate and Professional Degree Application and Instructions

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