University Seminar, Transforming Inquiry

Tufts University’s mission embraces teaching, research and active citizenship in the United States and around the world. To further Tufts’ goal to prepare leaders with a rich and textured understanding of the world in all its complexity and diversity, the Office of the Provost launched the innovative University Seminar program in 2007.

The University Seminar:

  • Anchors scholarship to civic engagement by inviting a multidisciplinary team of faculty and students to focus on issues of national or global import. By combining learning and active citizenship through this teamwork, our students will be better prepared to address complex problems in the community, the nation, or the world.
  • Knits together Tufts’ schools at a curricular level by promoting interdisciplinary teaching, learning, and research through faculty and student collaboration across schools. The seminar will admit both graduate and qualified undergraduate students, leveraging (a) the strengths of the graduate and professional schools to benefit undergraduates, and (b) the Arts and Sciences and Engineering departments to benefit graduate and professional students.
  • Promotes active learning by minimizing lecturing and maximizing student engagement through multi-disciplinary faculty guidance of student presentations, discussions, and writing. Students will analyze and synthesize the latest knowledge on the course topics from their different disciplinary perspectives, and share that knowledge with their fellow students to collectively deepen their understanding of those topics in ways that could not be achieved with a single discipline.

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