Tufts Institute for Innovation

President Tony Monaco and Founding Director David Walt join the inaugural group of researchers in a ribbon cutting ceremony at the TII launch event in August.

Tufts Institute for Innovation (TII) was officially launched in August 2014. TII is an exciting initiative that will facilitate research innovations by generating new knowledge and developing practical and scalable models for translation. Global impact starts at TII through cross-university collaboration among Tufts unique constellation of schools. Interdisciplinary research and application draws upon the sciences, engineering, social sciences, business and policy, the humanities, and Tufts’ insight on the evolving international context.

As part of the TII Seed Funding Program, the Institute will award a series of grants based on themes with potential for global impact. The first round of awards is centered on the thematic area of “Microbes: Improving the Environment and the Human Condition.” These leading-edge projects will have translational impact on new vaccines, provide faster detection of diseases, and create innovative solutions to public health issues.

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