Provost David R. Harris has established a search committee to identify the Chief Diversity Officer and Associate Provost for the university.  This position is being created in direct response to the Diversity Council Report which was approved by the Trustees in November 2013.

The Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) is the principal resource for supporting the university’s progress with respect to its diversity and inclusion goals.  The CDO will drive the implementation of the recommendations in the Diversity Council report, overseeing central programmatic initiatives and ensure congruence across the many diversity and inclusion programs that take place in the schools and divisions. Read the full position description here.

Keith Maddox, associate professor of psychology in Arts & Sciences, has agreed to chair this committee.  In addition to serving on the faculty Keith is director of the Tufts University Social Cognition Lab whose research programs examine social cognitive aspects of stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination.  The long-range goal of this work is to further the understanding of the representation of stereotypic knowledge and its implications for the behavior and treatment of members of stereotyped groups. Keith has also served on the EEOC Committee.

Keith is joined by 16 other members of our university community on this search committee. As of March 14, 2014 members include:

Keith Maddox, Associate Professor, Psychology, School of Arts and Sciences

Undergraduate Students:
Solana Davis, A15, Women and Gender Studies, Biology, School of Arts and Sciences
Jessica Howard, A17, Undecided, School of Arts and Sciences
Arturo Munoz, A17, Undecided, School of Arts and Sciences

Graduate Students:
Alison Erlwanger, MALD Program, Fletcher School
Daniel Ram, PhD Program, Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences
Jane West, MA Program, Music, School of Arts and Sciences

Jeff Taliaferro, Associate Professor, Political Science, School of Arts and Sciences
Flo Tseng, Associate Professor, Infectious Disease and Global Health, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
Henry Wortis, Professor, Psychology and Pathobiology, School of Medicine
Adriana Zavala, Associate Professor, Art and Art History, School of Arts and Sciences

President’s Representative:
Michael Baenen, Chief of Staff

Provost’s Representative:
Dawn Geronimo Terkla, Associate Provost for Institutional Research and Evaluation

Executive Vice President’s Representative:
Patti Klos, Director of Dining and Business Services

Huw Thomas, Dean, School of Dental Medicine

Katrina Moore, Director, ISIP; Africana Center
Darryl Williams, Associate Dean, Recruitment, Retention and Community Engagement, School of Engineering

*Membership as of 07/02/14.

We have also selected DiversifiedSearch to partner with the Committee in this process.  Andrew Wheeler, Managing Director and Kim Morrisson, Senior Managing Director of DiversifiedSearch have conducted several successful searches for chief diversity officer type positions in a range of higher education and health care systems.  We expect them to be dynamic and effective thought partners in considering how we might shape this position and the kinds of candidates who could succeed in achieving Tufts goals.   They will be on-campus soon to meet a wide range of stakeholders to help inform their work.

A final position description has been finalized.  Click here to read the full position description.

The role of the search committee is to screen and select 2-4 finalist candidates who will come to campus and meet a much broader set of stakeholders.  They will conduct their work through paper screening, individual interviews conducted by the search firm, and individual interviews with a larger set of candidates.  As is the case with dean searches, the provost will solicit input from everyone who meets the finalist candidates and will then make the final decision.