Prospective Graduate Student Days

*The next Prospective Graduate Student Days will be taking place July 16th and 17th, 2015.*

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Tufts University’s Prospective Graduate Student Days is a recruiting event that takes place biennially. This event is meant to showcase our eight graduate schools to academically vetted prospective students from traditionally underrepresented groups as well as first generation students and students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The participants are vetted primarily through programs such as Leadership Alliance, Ronald E. McNair and other pre-graduate preparatory programs designed to identify, recruit and mentor students on the graduate school track. This opportunity is also opened to students not associated with these types of programs who can apply to the Prospective Graduate Days through the Associate Director of Graduate Diversity Programs office. This opportunity allows the Tufts graduate schools to provide a more comprehensive, targeted and concentrated recruiting experience on all of Tufts’ campuses.

Over a two-day period, prospective students participate in departmental events, financial aid presentations and information sessions. The Provost’s Office augments this experience through sponsored activities including a reception, campus tours, and an informational lunch. Individually, the graduate schools develop activities where students have opportunities to network with current graduate students and faculty from various departments and to learn about funding, housing, campus climate, and living in the greater Boston area. The Associate Director of Graduate Diversity Programs, Yvette Dalton, researches and recruits particular programs and populations to participate in this event. Subsequently, this outreach has yielded participation from groups and individuals from regions all over the country including Appalachia, the South, the West, Midwest and West Coast. Room and board are free for this event. Travel to and from the event is the responsibility of the program or individual student.

The Provost’s Office provides funding and administrative support for this event through the Associate Director of Graduate Diversity Programs, but it is up to the individual schools to do the hands-on recruiting of students including coordination of their departmental visits and information sessions as well as following up with students after the event. The Associate Director of Graduate Diversity programs gives out all contact information about participating students  before the event to allow the schools to prepare before they arrive and for follow up after the visit.

How to apply to visit Tufts during the Prospective Graduate Student Days:

In preparation for attending the Tufts University “Prospective Graduate Student Days”, we ask you to kindly register here: registration page. Completion of this form allows us to not only prepare for your visit, but also to allow for follow up by appropriate faculty and  staff to assist you with questions about applying to the graduate schools and programs at Tufts.

If you are part of a pre-graduate school preparatory program such as Leadership Alliance, Ronald E. McNair, Mellon Mays Scholars or a similar program; please fill out the pre-registration form.  If you are  student who does not have minimum GPA of 3.0 and are not part of one of these programs, please contact before you fill out the survey. Students who are not part of one of these programs will be required to submit a copy of their  academic transcript verifying their GPA.

If you have any questions, please contact Yvette Dalton, Associate Director of Graduate Diversity Programs at .