Diane L. Souvaine, Senior Advisor to the Provost

Senior Advisor to the Provost

As Senior Advisor to the Provost, Dr. Souvaine draws on her institutional knowledge and experience and focuses on strategic projects to enhance the mission and goals of Tufts University.

Dr. Souvaine joined the Tufts academic community in 1998 and is currently Professor of Computer Science and Adjunct Professor of Mathematics.  She served as Vice Provost for Research for 2012-2016, chaired the Department of Computer Science for 2002-2009, and served eight years as Director of the Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics Scholars Program.  Prior to Tufts, Dr. Souvaine served on the faculty at Rutgers University for twelve years, also serving for 2.5 years in the directorate of DIMACS, an academic/industry collaboration dedicated to the development and application of discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science.

Dr. Souvaine was presidentially appointed by President Bush and then Senate-confirmed to the 24-member National Science Board (NSB) in 2008.  President Obama reappointed her to a second six-year term in 2014, and she was elected NSB Vice Chair in May 2016. The NSB is charged with establishing the policies of the National Science Foundation (NSF) and serving as an independent body of advisors to both the President and the Congress on policy matters related to science and engineering, and education in science and engineering.

Senior Advisor to the Provost-at-a-Glance

Diane L. Souvaine


Senior Advisor to the Provost, Tufts University

Academic Credentials

Ph.D., M.A, and M.S.E. in computer science from Princeton University

A.M.S.L. in mathematical sciences from Dartmouth College

A.B.c.l. in English and American Language and Literature from Harvard University, with a secondary concentration in mathematics.

Notable Professional Affiliations

National Science Board: Vice Chair (2016-present); Member (2008-2020).

Tufts Affiliations

Senior Advisor to the Provost (2016-present)

Vice Provost for Research (2012-2016)

Chairman, Department of Computer Science (2002-2009)

Professor of Computer Science and Adjunct Professor of Mathematics (2002-present)

Professor & Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (1998-2002)

Key Former Positions & Professorships

NSF Science and Technology Center for Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science (DIMACS)

      • Acting Director (1993-1994)
      • Acting Associate Director (1992-1993)
      • Founder of the DIMACS Research and Education Institute (DREI) and 1996 Convenor
      • Permanent Member (1989-present)

Rutgers University, Associate Professor & Assistant Professor of Computer Science (1986-2000)

Institute for Advanced Study, School of Mathematics, Member (1994-1995)

Research Interests

Design and analysis of geometric algorithms, theoretical and applied.

Selected Publications & Papers

“Bichromatic compatible matchings,” with Greg Aloupis, Luis Felipe Barba Flores, and Stefan Langerman.  Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications 48, 8, 2015,  622-633.

“Disjoint Compatible Geometric Matchings,” with Mashhood Ishaque and Csaba Tóth. Discrete and Computational Geometry, 49, 2013, 89-131.

“Isoperimetric Enclosures,” with Luis Barba, Stefan Langerman, Greg Aloupis, and Jean-Lou De Carufel.  Graphs and Combinatorics 31, 2, 2015, 361-392.

“Bounded-Degree Polyhedronization of Point Sets,” with Gill Barequet, Nadia Benbernou, David Charlton, Erik D. Demaine, Martin L. Demaine, Mashhood Ishaque, Anna Lubiw, Andre Schulz, Godfried T. Toussaint, and Andrew Winslow. Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications, 46, 2, 2013, 148-153.

“Augmenting the Edge Connectivity of Planar Straight Line Graphs to Three,” with Marwan Al-Jubeh, Mashhood Ishaque, Krist´of R´edei, Csaba Tóth, and Pavel Valtr. Algorithmica, 61, 2011, 971-999.

“Staged Self-Assembly: Nanomanufacture of Arbitrary Shapes with O(1) Glues,” with Erik D. Demaine, Martin L. Demaine, S´andor P. Fekete, Mashhood Ishaque, Eynat Rafalin, and Robert T. Schweller. Journal of Natural Computing, 7, 3, 2008, 347-370.

“A Tight Bound for Connecting Sites Across Barriers,” with David Krumme, Eynat Rafalin and Csaba D. Tóth.  Discrete and Computational Geometry, 40, 3, 2008, 377-394.

“An Intuitive Approach to Measuring Protein Surface Curvature,” with Ryan G. Coleman, Michael A. Burr, and Alan C. Cheng. Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics, 61:4, 2005, 1068-1074.

“Planar Minimally Rigid Graphs and Pseudo-Triangulations,” with Ruth Haas, David Orden, G¨unter Rote , Francisco Santos, Brigitte Servatius, Hermann Servatius, Ileana Streinu, and Walter Whiteley.  Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications, 31, 2 , 2005, 31-61.

“Efficient computation of location depth contours by methods of combinatorial geometry,” with K. Miller, S. Ramaswami, P. Rousseeuw, T. Sellares, I. Streinu, A. Struyf.  Statistics and Computing, 2003, 153-162.

“An Efficient Algorithm for Placing Guards in Polygons with Holes,” with I. Bjorling-Sachs.  Discrete and Computational Geometry, 13, 1995, 77-109.

“Shortest Paths Help Solve Geometric Optimization Problems on Planar Regions,” with E. A. Melissaratos.  SIAM J. Computing, 1992, 601-638.

“Computing least median of squares regression lines and guided topological sweep,” with H. Edelsbrunner.  Journal of the American Statistical Association 85, 409, 1990, 115-119.

Notable Honors

Association for Computing Machinery, Fellow, 2011.

Presidential appointment and Senate confirmation to the National Science Board, 2008.

Lillian and Joseph Leibner Award for Outstanding Teaching and Mentoring, 2008.

Radcliffe Institute Fellowship, 2005-2006.

Tufts University Multicultural Award, 2002.

Tufts University Faculty Recognition Award, 2000.

Tufts University EECS Department Chair’s Award, 2000.

Bunting Institute of Radcliffe College Science Scholar Fellowship, 1991 (declined).

Henry Rutgers Research Fellowship, Rutgers University, January 1987 – December 1988.

Exxon Foundation Merit Fellowship, Princeton University, September 1982 – August 1985.

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